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mav·er·ick  /ˈmav(ə)rik/ noun – An independent individual who does not go along with a group or party!

    A Full-Service Insurance Appraisal & Appraisal Umpire Company Providing Insurance Dispute Resolution Services

    We are a full-service insurance appraisal and appraisal umpire firm providing superior insurance services without over-promising and under-delivering. Our experienced team of consultants own years of experience in the appraisal umpire and insurance dispute resolution. Our appraisers and umpires are among the most respected professionals in the insurance industry, striving for excellence through integrity. When your file is with Maverick Insurance Appraisal Services, you can rest assured that it will be handled with the utmost professionalism.




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    Insurance Appraisal

    An appraisal can resolve insurance disputes invoked by the property owner or insurance companies. To resolve such disagreements, an independent appraiser can be hired. As a leading insurance company, we provide exceptional appraisal services that meet our clients’ needs. Call us at 601-342-0212 or contact us online today for more information on our insurance appraisal services. Our Insurance claim consultants provide high-quality insurance appraisal services to businesses and homeowners involved in claim disputes with their insurance companies for all types of insured loss claims.

    Insurance Umpire

    We provide insurance appraisal and umpire services to resolve claim disputes. When a disagreement arises between the appraisers of the property owner and the insurance company, an impartial umpire is suggested and agreed upon by both appraisers. The designated umpire must be impartial, fair, and unbiased in the appraisal outcome. At Maverick Insurance Appraisal Services, we have umpires who have been thoroughly vetted by numerous courts and appointed as neutral umpires for disputed property losses by honorable courts in multiple states. Talk to our insurance claim consultants today!

    Insurance Dispute Resolution

    At Maverick Insurance Appraisal Services, our consultants have been assisting clients in resolving insurance disputes. Clients who rely on our advice know they work with some of the most experienced claims consultancies. Our dispute resolution services include in-house methods shaped by this vast experience and proven in various sectors and territories. We employ an experienced team of qualified individuals to deliver insurance dispute resolution services. Please speak to our team today to resolve your issues.

    We Are A Team Of Professionals Dedicatedly Working To Help You Resolve Insurance Disputes With Excellence!

    Our Area of Expertise

    Fire Damage

    Fires can happen to any structure, at any time, and from a number of different sources. Fires can cause minimal smoke damage to a home or be a total loss. There are often disputes on how to properly repair and/or mitigate a fire loss.

    Hail Damage

    We are a reputable insurance appraisal and umpire service provider with extensive experience dealing with hail damage claims. We will provide an accurate assessment of the true costs associated with damage to your home or business.

    Tornado Damage

    When a natural disaster (Tornado) strikes your commercial or residential property, you require an independent evaluation of your damages. Maverick Insurance Appraisal Services property damage appraisers can assist in resolving insurance disputes. Hiring us can help keep the insurance process moving forward, resulting in insurance settlements.

    Hurricane Damage

    In case of hurricane damage, we resolve your property damage disputes efficiently. Our insurance appraisal resolves the insurance disputes caused by such damages. Our insurance appraisal services ensure that you receive a fair settlement after a loss.

    Water Damage

    Water is one of the biggest threats to your house and belongings, so it’s critical to know what home insurance covers if your home suffers water damage. Beyond water problems associated with storms and deep freezes, insurance helps with problems with your plumbing, including burst pipes. A burst pipe can lead to expensive repair bills. Water damage (including damage from freezing) is one of the most common and most costly types of homeowners insurance claims.

    Other Perils

    Damages to properties come from many unexpected situations. Vandalism, vehicle crashing into structures, dropped objects, poor workmanship, etc. We are experienced in resolving all types of disputed insurance claims.

    Client’s Testimonials

    Emily Schlegel

    • I am highly satisfied with their services. Their team is efficient, quick and they handled our insurance dispute professionally.
    Jeffrey Bennett

    In terms of customer service, I hold Maverick Insurance Appraisal Services in the highest regard." You guys are fantastic. I get the information and answers I need quickly and courteously through phone or email. Thank you once more!"

    Michael Phillips

    Maverick Insurance Appraisal Services went above and beyond the call of duty. Ryan Byrd and his team have earned our eternal gratitude. We recommend them to anyone looking for insurance appraisal services.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Insurance appraisers are unbiased professionals who determine the monetary value of a property loss. The majority of appraisers have experience in construction and the property insurance claims industry. Appraisers will examine the facts of the loss, evaluate the affected property, and assign an impartial and objective value to the loss. Policyholders and insurance carriers both hire impartial appraisers.

    We provide insurance appraisal services to insurance companies, people with insurance claims, attorneys, public adjusters, homeowners, building owners, whoever has an insurance dispute.

    Often, the two appraisers can work out their differences and agree on the amount of the loss. If the two appraisers cannot agree, they will take their disagreements to the umpire. The umpire is the appraisal process's unofficial and informal judge. The umpire will resolve any disagreements that the two appraisers could not resolve. Most insurance policies state that the amount of loss will be determined by a decision reached by two of these three (appraisal panel members).

    As an experienced appraiser, we provide services in a wide range of areas. Our areas of expertise are Fire Damage, Tornado Damage, Hurricane Damage, Water Damage, Hail Damage and More.

    An appraisal is faster and less adversarial than legal proceedings in most cases. If your dispute is appropriate for appraisal, the appraisal cost can be significantly less than the cost of litigation. However, some disputes are not amenable to appraisal and must be resolved through litigation. It is critical to consult with legal counsel and appraisers in your state to determine the best course of action for your situation.


    Appraisal vs Lawsuit

    Quick – Expedient 

    Relatively less costly  

    May be less adversarial

    No potential appellate

    Must pay fees/costs    

    No firm procedure

    Slower – protracted

    Generally more costly

    More adversarial

    Appeal is possible

    May recover fees/costs

    Strict procedures

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